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Christian von Ahn

Christian von Ahn

The Hamburg-Native Christian von Ahn is multifaceted in his designs: Accessories, product design, furniture, but also interior design of homes, restaurants or cafés belong to his realm of work. Much of his work is artistic, distinguished by the highest level of creativity, nevertheless, free of unnecessary ballast. Lines, material and colors always speak a clear language. Not only does this appeal to the customers, it brought Christian von Ahn various design prizes. Since 1998, Christian runs his own design studio that is located in Hamburg, Germany.

Christian, which products did you design for PHILIPPI and where did you get your ideas for those designs?
In the meanwhile, I have probably designed over twenty products for PHILIPPI. The ideas for my products come about in many different ways. Occasionally, a customer request leads to a specific product, then again a certain material or a manufacturing process triggers a product idea. Sometimes, I imagine a shape and then develop and design a corresponding product.

How long do you actually work on your designs?
The time and effort invested in designing work varies greatly. Some products exist, which from a technical point of view aren’t time-consuming and thus, are conceptually designed in a matter of hours. Other products take months to develop and improve.  

If you weren’t a designer, you would…
…be doing open-heart surgery!

Do you have a favorite color?
No, I find that difficult. Choosing a color for a product is conditional upon the design, style, target group and the manufacturer’s entire collection.

How do you sum up good design?
Logic, humor and innovation… in any arbitrary order.

What do you wish PHILIPPI?
That Jan Philippi maintains his great sense of design and recognizes trends before they become popular. And of course, that he keeps having fun, in doing what he does.