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Eberhard Woike

Eberhard Woike

When asked the question, what would you be if you weren’t a designer, and without even pondering, Eberhard Woike answers “not alive”. Even as a child, he began developing things. His work doesn’t stop when he’s done designing a product; on the contrary, he’s on the ball right up to the product’s market launch. Eberhard doesn’t believe that not having studied design is a disadvantage to him. As a lateral thinker, he has the possibilities of following different paths and coming to different results.

How long do you work on a product’s design and which typical attribute characterizes your work.
Designing my most successful product ANGELO took about ten seconds, whereas I worked on the LAZY SUSI for a total of ten years until it went to market. The typical attribute for my designs is a reduction to the bare essentials.

Which product by PHILIPPI would you give away as a gift, and which would you care to receive?
I gave myself the vases OMEGA, ESMERALDA und MOON. Of course, I would love to give them away to friends.

How do your creative ideas evolve?
I can best describe it as a „positive accident“. For all intents and purposes, my ideas just happen to me, they find me. The realization however, is hard work.

What’s your favorite color?
I like almost every color – in due course. I like light colors more than dark ones, and despite that fact, I also like black.

What do you wish PHILIPPI?
For Jan Philippi I wish that he never loses his enthusiasm for great design.