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Andreas Ostwald

Andreas Ostwald

Andreas Ostwald loves innovative design. That’s why he not only designs, but also teaches a unique Integrated Design study program at the University of the Arts Bremen. His works are as multifaceted as they are unusual; from the system roof for the train platforms of the Deutsche Bahn [German Railroad] over consumer electronics right up to lighting, furniture and home accessories, everything can be found. Designing for PHILIPPI brings joy to Andreas Ostwald. Because of the products’ requirements, the first-class implementation as well as the impressing quickness, with which PHILIPPI brings the ideas to market. So he says!

Which products have you designed for PHILIPPI and what do you believe characterizes your products?
I have designed and developed numerous products for PHILIPPI. The most current include the TEMPUS watch collection, the BOX wastepaper basket, the vase ESMERALDA, the extendable BOW candlestick as well as PHILIPPI’s brand new logo. Characteristic for my designs is, amongst other things, the particular contours.

Which product would you like to have and which would you like to design?
I’d like to have designed the BMW Oracle Multihill – 90-foot trimaran made of Carbon, and a profile instead of a sail for the America’s Cup. Besides that, I’d love to design the new ICE and the new solar impulse airplane. I’d like to do something in the field of camera technology, where there is currently an enormous development potential.

If you weren’t a designer, you would be….
…an architect or gardener.

In your opinion, what constitutes good design?
The perfect shape with the potential to be an archetype. An intuitive interface. Coherent structures. The right material. Adequate proportions and relation.