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Henrich Piltz

Henrich Piltz

Henrich Piltz is both an artist and a designer – as a calling and a passion, and since he just couldn’t be anything else. For Henrich, design means questioning the studied sculptors and industrial designers, self-realization, dealing with the world in a playful and curious manner. And when doing so, it plays no role whether he’s creating a simple object, a harvester-thresher or a creative gift item. More than 800 completed design projects and over 60 design awards prove that he always has the right answers to the regularly changing questions and demands of his customers and of the market.

Mr. Henrich, in your opinion, what constitutes good design?
In a nutshell: simple – better. Good design triggers emotions, is self-evident, inconspicuous and reduced to the basics.

How and when did you decide that you wanted to become a designer?
At a very early stage, art and design were my favorite topics. I studied sculpturing with Josef Beuys. We’d sit in Dusseldorf on the Rhine, making plans to “improve the world”. As we philosophized, the Oberkasseler Bridge was being built right in front of the window we always sat at. Facts were being created. That presented the desire of wanting to solve real problems, and having concrete tasks with outlined frontiers. This contradictory context provoked me into wanting to become a designer.

How do your creative ideas evolve?
To quote Picasso, “I do not seek; I find”. Sitting in my office, casting a glance to the olive trees and the ocean and forgetting everything around me, it is then, when I least expect it, that I often have the best ideas.

Do you have a favorite color?
Grey – the mixture of all colors. Unspectacular, inconspicuous and modest. Grey gives leeway to one’s imagination.

What do you wish PHILIPPI?
That Jan Philippi remains true to the path he’s taken.