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Boris Kupczik

Boris Kupczik

Even as a youngster in his father’s workshop, Boris Kupczik liked to experiment with an assortment of materials. Mainly metals, or whatever the Elbe river’s rising tide happened to yield, were subsequently transformed into different basic commodities. Usually without any drafts, and spontaneously pursuing ideas, a feeling of satisfaction would arise. It’s the process that Boris Kupczik cares to delve into and carry on and is actually what he’s doing today.

Boris, how do your creative ideas evolve?
It’s very difficult to force creative thinking and ideas. Just starting up, either with paper and pencil or at the computer and by letting myself go, is what I find very helpful. Ideas and pictures pop into my head and direct me along an entirely different path, that’s how one thing leads to another. The major part however, is plain and simple work; whereas once in a while, I am inspired by the muses…

Which product would you have liked to design?
The wheel. Or the OMEGA vase by PHILIPPI.

Which product would you like to design?
A gentleman’s cloakroom with all the fitting accessories.

How do you sum up good design?
Clear shapes, good manageability, eventually combined with a bit of irony, a joke or a bit of a kick. When all of that comes together at a very high level of quality, then it’s perfect.

What’s your dream for the next year?
I’d like to cross the Alps with a Vespa® motor scooter.