Michael Kindler

Michael Kindler

Michael Kindler orients himself toward the customs and rituals, such as the discovery of learning and the evolution of  human behavior. His credo is to look beyond one's own backyard, for the necessary and logical, for new materials and the well-tried, for the simple and comprehensible represents the basis of the most minor product development.

Which product have you created for PHILIPPI?
Up to now, not that many: Double bowl PEBBLE, book mark ESELSOHR, bird feeder VOGELFREI and the new fruit bowl VOILA.

Where did the idea come from?
The book mark for example was based on the question; what kinds of interfaces are possible between a book and a book mark? The approach was then taken via a “dog-ear” that was then turned into a book mark.

How long do you work on your designs?
This is always very different. Some products mature over years; others are drafted in just minutes.

Which product would you like to create for PHILIPPI?
A PHILIPPI-motorboat as Hamburg’s answer to the Riviera.

Which existing product in general would you have liked to have created?
Something completely trivial, that would make the lives of millions of people easier; such as a plug, a dowel or a pencil.

Which PHILIPPI product do you love to give away?
The COCOON bowl, as it has become a classic in the segment of fruit bowls.

How do your creative ideas come up?
We collect ideas covering many groups of products, shortlist the most interesting ideas and adapt them to PHILIPPI’s product portfolio.

Do you have a favorite color?

Which natural talent would you like to have?
To finally run the marathon under two hours.

How & when did you decide to create designs?
During my high school days, our design savvy art teacher invited several designers, who were former students, to lecture. That was my door opener to study design.

What do you believe makes for a good design?
On the one hand it should be reserved, functional and durable; on the other hand it should also trigger emotions.

What is the last thing you think about before you go to sleep and the first thing in the morning?
On having a good night and a good morning!

If you weren’t a designer, you would be....
...busy as a vintage car restorer.

What do you wish Jan Philippi for his 25th anniversary?
Further fun with those many, little product babies that will be created and grow through him and his team.