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Carolin Pertsch

Carolin Pertsch

As a student, Carolin Pertsch’s final thesis that covered the successful project SPHERE coat rack depot launched her professional career as a creative designer. She completed her studies at the University of the Arts Bremen (HfK Bremen) in the Master Program of Material and Technology, majoring in product design. She collected valuable experience, amongst other things, during a semester abroad in Venice at the Università Iuav di Venezia. As early as during her studies, she was able to chalk up initial successes; a few of her products were awarded international prizes.

Which product did you create for PHILIPPI?

I created the coat rack depot SPHERE for PHILIPPI.

Where did the idea come from?

From a simple observation: We’re constantly misplacing our keys, phone and other odds and ends. This usually happens at that moment, when we need those items the most. We can all relate to the situation: You have to leave your home in the morning, but the car keys have seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth. This is the exact problem that SPHERE solves; it holds all important things in one spot, by combining a coat rack with storage space.

How long do you work on your designs?

It is quite different and depends on the creation’s complexity. I work over my drafts until I am 100% satisfied with the results and when I can fully stand behind my draft.

Which product would you like to create for PHILIPPI?

A variety of ideas pop into my head! I’d love to do something completely new, something that, up to now, hasn’t existed in the product collection by PHILIPPI.

Which existing product in general would you have liked to have created?

Who wouldn’t have wanted to create the wheel?

Which PHILIPPI product do you love to give away?

The LIFT tealight holder. I really like the design’s simplicity and the combination of glass and wood materials.

How do your creative ideas come up?

As a designer, I walk through the world with eyes wide open and allow myself to be inspired by everything and anything that crosses my path. As designers, we’re problem-solvers. It’s about constantly observing and reacting: Detecting problems and eliminating them by means of creating thinking!

Do you have a favorite color?

Royal blue

Which natural talent would you like to have?

Telekinesis or mind-reading. I’d love to do both!

How and when did you decide to create designs?

Even as a child, I wanted to be a designer. I always had tons of creative ideas bubbling in my head, and I began thinking and drawing three-dimensionally at an early age. It became professional after graduation.

What do you believe makes for a good design?

For me, good design is solution-oriented, social, functional, responsible, sustainable and meaningful. Good design is well thought out, right up to the final details, it is sustainably designed and has a long (visual) life cycle. At best, it’ll still exist in a hundred years from now. Good design is narrative; it tells a story and awakes emotions and touches the consumers.

What is the last thing you think about before you go to sleep and the first thing, when you awake in the morning?

As a designer, it’s difficult to rest one’s mind. The projects, on which one is working, actually follow one right into bed. When I think about design ideas in the evening, I’m often so wide awake that it’s impossible to fall asleep. A sketch book lies on my bedside table - so that I can write up everything that might hit me at a later hour.

If you weren’t a designer, you would...

miss an essential part of my life and the valve of my creativity.

What do you wish Jan Philippi for his 25th anniversary?

Continued fun and success for his work and a lucky hand when selecting stylish pieces of design!