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Manfred Jostmeier

Manfred Jostmeier

Manfred Jostmeier is a dreamer - at least when it´s about creating real, innovative products based on his visions.

Which product have you created for PHILIPPI and where do your creative ideas come from? Your products are coined by which characteristics? 

I´ve designed a number of products for PHILIPPI. During which my curiosity and passion to create something surprising fueled my ideas. My aspirations are fulfilled, when I can harmonize puristic shapes, asthetics, timelessness and functionality.  

Which product would you like to create for PHILIPPI? 

An outdoor lamp. 

Which product would you have liked to design? 

The Panton Chair by Vitra. 

Which product by PHILIPPI would you like to give and which would you like to receive as a gift? 

I´d like to give away the book mark ESELSOHR and would be more than happy to receive the HAMBURGER HOCKER. 

How do your creative ideas come up?

Intuitively, impulsively, through reflection, dreams and the tenacious search for what is surprising. 

Do you have a favorite color? 

I´m ethused by any color. 

Which natural talent would you like to have? 

To be able to sing. 

How & when did you decide to create designs? 

As a child I always loved art and I was set on being an artist. The passion for product design came up later, during my time as a creative staff member in the porcelain-glass-ceramics segment. 

What do you believe makes for a good design? 

It should be self-explanatory and meet my demands. 

What is the last thing you think about before you go to sleep and the first thing in the morning? 

I´don´t think, but instead have wonderful dreams and in the morning, I look forward to an exciting day. 

If you weren´t a designer, you would...

...be a musician or an architect.