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Susanne Uerlings

Susanne Uerlings

Since 2011 and within her office premises in the city of Aachen, Susanne Uerlings née Maier has been creating different design products such as furniture, lamps as well as accessories for lifestyle and kitchens.

In 2006, she completed her studies as a graduate designer for integrated product design from the University of Applied Sciences Coburg. She then worked about five years as an industrial designer in a renowned German design office for international customers before opening up her own de-sign office product salon.

For Susanne Uerlings, socially accepted design means creating target group suitable, shapely and thus, functional products. Product salon creates products that exceed simple daily commodities and have a high emotional value.

1. Which product have you created for PHILIPPI?
I created the DOT vase series for PHILIPPI.

2. Where did the idea come from?
DOT’s distinct characteristic is the minimized round, dot-shaped opening. The main goal was a presentation of an individual flower that, due to the concave indentation of the upper side, lay in the bowl and was additionally reflected.  

3. How long do you work on your designs?
It is truly amazing how different that can be: Some creations only require a few days of development time; from the initial idea up to implementation, for other creations, I have spent several years developing them.

4. Which product would you like to create for PHILIPPI?
A breakfast series that includes everything one needs for a stylish breakfast: from egg cups over a bread roll bowl right up to the coffee set...

5. Which existing product in general would you have liked to have created?
The pendant luminaire PH5 by Louis Poulsen.

6. Which PHILIPPI product do you love to give away?
My DOT Vase, size S at a height of 10 cm.

7. How do your creative ideas come up?
Through inspiration from and in nature and the environment, also through influences found in architecture and design history; completely different. I find it important to create functional products that exceed simple use and possess a high emotional value.

8. Do you have a favorite color?

9. Which natural talent would you like to have?
Flying! Definitely.

10. How & when did you decide to create designs?
I’ve always been very interested in art and began drawing and painting at an early age. My expectations brought me to design, to creatively design everyday items and thus, connect art with function.

11. What do you believe makes for a good design?
For me, target group suitable, shapely and thus, functional products are essential indicators for good design.

12. What is the last thing you think about before you go to sleep and the first thing in the morning?
About the beautiful things in life, today and tomorrow...

13. If you weren’t a designer, you would...
...probably try to discover and promote the beauty of and individual strength in my fellow human beings instead of in design. However that might be possible...

14. What do you wish Jan Philippi for his 25th anniversary?
Best wishes and continued esprit, success and good sense in product selection for the next 25 years!