Mike Ruch

Mike Ruch

During his design studies, he spent semesters abroad in Barcelona and at Columbia University in New York. He received his diploma in product design from the Bauhaus University in Weimar. With his furniture designs, he won the Interior Innovation Award and the German Design Award several times.


What products did you design for PHILIPPI, Mr. Mike Ruch, and where did the ideas for your designs come from?

Stille Nacht (silent Night)

The contact contact with derivation and opinion is very important in the brainstorming process. Of course this includes a lot of travel and a lot of seeing, because without input there is no output.


How long do you work on your designs?

The design is relatively quick. Product development and
Sometimes it takes more than a year to produce a perfect prototype.


If you were not a designer, you would ...

… Be a landscape gardener.


Do you have a favorite color?

I especially like gray and dark blue tones because they are so different
Gradations occur and match many other colors.
I also really like the new "Lufthansa Blau".


What is good design for you?

Good design always optimizes the benefits and usability
and fashion and trends should outlast.


What do you want PHILIPPI?

In any case, much success and that Philippi has developed many other great design classics.