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GLÜHWÜRMCHEN Keyring Pendant

matt nickel, LED
2,315 gr

Length: 2 inch | Width: 2 inch | Height: 2 inch
Order number: 273072
Price €19.90 *

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A mild night, the rustle of leaves, a slight breeze- every year in early summer one of the fascinating natural spectacles can be observed, when fireflies search for a partner and forests turn into magical fairy tale worlds Bioluminescence is what makes those little lightning bugs glow. Goosebumps, amazement, and a great big smile are what they leave the observers with. This pendant is the key to pure emotions. Nothing mysterious about it; an integrated mini flashlight that, at the touch of a button, lights your way- An enchanting gift - the new favorite thing for everyone in love.


Michael Kindler
Michael Kindler