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SPHERE ball wardrobe

aluminum, mirror-polished
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10,617 gr

Length: 5 inch | Width: 5 inch | Height: 5 inch
Order number: 123150
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My personal depot!

Wardrobes per se are very practical, however, seldom are they really attractive. SPHERE is completely different! This ball wardrobe combines practicality and design, as it resembles a wall-mounted piece of art. Once mounted, SPHERE offers space for practically anything you carry with you, and which you’d like to store in a specific place. Personal items find room in the mirror-polished spherical bowl: car keys, wallets, headphones or gloves; whereas a bag, scarfs, jackets or even the dog’s leash can be hung over your personal depot. Consider mounting several ball wardrobes next to each other: not only will you be amazed about the storage room gained, but looking at your new piece of art will astonish you!


Carolin Pertsch
Carolin Pertsch