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BIG STAR Box set 4 pcs

Paulownia wood, magnet
10.71 lb
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These boxes are the star on any table

The box in the box in the box in the box. There’s something familiar - yes, you’re right: The principle is similar to the magical, Russian Matryoshka dolls, also called Babushka dolls - that are hidden within each other. The BIG STAR box set has taken up that principle and newly interpreted it. The gift boxes are made of finely grained Paulownia wood; a feather-weight wood comparable to balsa wood, which when placed alone will steal the show of any other square box. They most enjoy being filled with nuts and sweets at Christmas time. Their lids are held shut by tiny magnets and after use, the set can easily be stacked within each other again and ready for storage. They also invite you to do crafts with them, individualize them either with painting, gluing or otherwise creatively designing them. But we have saved the best for last: The pretty gift boxes can, of course, be re-used and thus, offer their valuable, sustainable contribution for the environment. And for that fact, we give it an extra star!