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GINOO salad server

stainless steel, polished, magnetic handles
3.22 lb

Length: 11 inch | Width: 3 inch | Height: 1 inch
Order number: 189004
Price €79.00 *

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Vitamins in Seventh Heaven!

GINOO salad servers’ sleek design, combined with functionality, is very familiar with the significance of handling vitamin-filled foodstuffs correctly. Salads entrusted in GINOO’s care are brought safely, and perfectly portioned to your plate. A respectable weight of 250 grams per server allows an optimal hold. Although their shape reminds one of a gingko tree leaf, that pretty much becomes a breathtaking trivial matter. For the lovers of design, GINOO reaches its peak form after use! Two hidden magnets connect the servers; standing upright it becomes a beautiful sculpture that is definitely done no justice whatsoever by storing it in a drawer!


Murken + Hansen
Murken + Hansen