By train through breathtaking landscapes, by car through foreign cities or with a backpack through nature - our way of travelling is just as different as we are. So we should also adapt what we take with us when we travel to our needs. A well-organised luggage helps us to be better organised. Our Jean leather series, for example, is particularly suitable for the safe and stylish storage of your favourite items.

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C - Taschenhaken / Handtaschenbügel oder Handtaschenhaken C - Taschenhaken / Handtaschenbügel oder Handtaschenhaken C bagholder
€29.90 *
JEAN clutch JEAN clutch
€69.00 *
DION keyring DION keyring
€18.90 *
TÜTÜ Keyring Pendant TÜTÜ Keyring Pendant
UVP €9.90 * €5.00 *
GALA keyring pendant GALA keyring pendant
UVP €22.90 * €12.50 *
FLIC keyring FLIC keyring
UVP €9.90 * €5.00 *
DONATELLA magnifying mirror DONATELLA magnifying mirror
UVP €39.90 * €10.00 *
STARDUST powder set STARDUST powder set
UVP €59.00 * €24.90 *