Murken + Hansen

The Berliner Design Agency Murken + Hansen was established by the graduate industrial designers Hauke Murken and Sven Hansen. Together, they design individual products as well as entire series for renowned manufacturers; and in doing so, they are extremely successful. Not only have their designs been awarded numerous design prizes, they are also exhibited in various museums. Deservedly so, in our opinion!

Which products have Murken + Hansen designed für PHILIPPI and how would you describe them?
We created the LOBSTER letter opener as an abstracted animal-shape. Also the BUTTERFLY tea-warmer that is practical as well as retro-stylish. We also designed ANNA the teetering bowl, a playful piece of art.

Which product would you have liked to design and which would like to design?
Since we’re freelancers, we’re lucky to be able to create those things that we’d like to design. Nevertheless, we would have loved to invent the espresso maker by Richard Sapper or the Post-it® sticker.

How do creative ideas evolve at Murken + Hansen?
It’s funny, but we often develop ideas that actually originate from creative misunderstandings. Beyond that, mutual designs evolve by exchanging ideas, through discussions and repeated revisions.

How do you sum up good design?
For us, good design is original, suitable for daily use and durable. Whereas bad design has unmotivated shapes, is complicated to use and made of cheap material.

What do you wish PHILIPPI?
…that Jan Philippi keeps his congenial, natural manner for the next years to come.