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Data Protection

Responsible body in terms of data protection laws is:


PHILIPPI GmbH, Am Redder 2, 24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg




Like many other websites, we also use so-called "cookies". Cookies are small text files that are transferred from a website server to your hard drive. This automatically gives us certain data, such as IP address, browser used, operating system from your computer and your connection to the Internet.

Cookies can not be used to launch programs or to transfer viruses to a computer. Based on the information contained in cookies, we can facilitate navigation and enable the correct display of our websites.

In no case will the data collected by us be passed on to third parties or a link with personal data will be established without your consent.

Of course, you can also view our website without cookies. Internet browsers are regularly set to accept cookies. You can deactivate the use of cookies at any time via the settings of your browser. Please use the help features of your internet browser to find out how to change these settings. Please note that some features of our website may not work if you have disabled the use of cookies.


Registration on our website

When registering for the use of our personalized services, some personal information will be collected, such as name, address, contact and communication information such as telephone number and e-mail address. If you are registered with us, you can access content and services that we offer only to registered users. Registered users also have the option of changing or deleting the data specified during registration at any time. Of course, we also provide you with information about the personal data we hold about you at any time. We are happy to rectify or delete these at your request, as far as no statutory storage requirements preclude. To contact us in this context, please use the contact details given at the end of this Privacy Policy.


Provision of paid services

To provide paid services we ask for additional data, such as: Payment details.


SSL encryption

To protect the security of your data during transmission, we use state-of-the-art encryption techniques (such as SSL) over HTTPS.



When you sign up to receive our newsletter, the data you provide will be used exclusively for this purpose. Subscribers may also be notified by email about circumstances relevant to the service or registration (such as changes to the newsletter offer or technical conditions).


For an effective registration we need a valid e-mail address. In order to verify that an application is actually made by the owner of an e-mail address, we use the "Double-opt-in" procedure. For this purpose we record the order of the newsletter, the dispatch of a confirmation mail and the receipt of the requested answer. Further data is not collected. The data will be used exclusively for the newsletter and will not be passed on to third parties.


The consent to the storage of your personal data and their use for the newsletter can be revoked at any time. Each newsletter has a link to it. In addition, you can unsubscribe from this website at any time or inform us of your request via the contact option indicated at the end of this Privacy Notice.


 contact form

 If you contact us by e-mail or contact form, the information you provide will be stored for the purpose of processing the request and for possible follow-up questions.


Use of Scalable Central Measurement Method

Our website uses the "Scalable Central Measurement Method" (SZM) of INFOnline GmbH (http://www.infonline.de) for the determination of statistical parameters for the use of our offers.


Anonymous measurements are taken. The SZM range measurement alternatively uses either a cookie with the identifier "ioam.de", "ivwbox.de", a LocalStorage object or a signature, which is created from various automatically transmitted information of your browser for the recognition of computer systems. IP addresses are only processed in anonymous form.

The range measurement was developed in compliance with data protection. The aim of the range measurement is to determine the intensity of use and the number of users of a website statistically. At no time individual users are identified. Your identity always remains protected. You will not receive advertising through the system.

For web offers, which are member of the information community for the determination of the spreading of advertising media registered association (IVW - http://www.ivw.eu) or at the study "internet facts" of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online-Forschung eV (AGOF - www.agof .de), the usage statistics are published monthly by the AGOF and the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Media-Analyze eV (ag.ma - www.agma-mmc.de), as well as the IVW and can be downloaded from http://www.agof.de, http://www.agma-mmc.de and http://www.ivw.eu. In addition to the publication of measurement data, IVW regularly reviews the SZM process with regard to its use in accordance with regulations and data protection.

Further information on the SZM procedure can be found on the INFOnline GmbH website (https://www.infonline.de), which operates the SZM procedure, the data protection website of AGOF (http://www.agof.de/datenschutz) and the privacy web site of the IVW (http://www.ivw.eu).

You can object to data processing by the SZM at the following links: http://optout.ioam.de and http://optout.ivwbox.de.


Use of the Scalable Central Measurement Method by an Application

Our application uses the "Scalable Central Measurement Method" (SZM) of INFOnline GmbH (http://www.infonline.de) for the determination of statistical parameters for the use of our offers.

Anonymous measurements are taken. The SZM range measurement uses to recognize devices unique identifiers of the terminal, which are transmitted only anonymized. IP addresses are only processed in anonymous form.

Further information on the SZM procedure can be found on the INFOnline GmbH website (https://www.infonline.de), which operates the SZM procedure, the data protection website of AGOF (http://www.agof.de/datenschutz) and the privacy web site of the IVW (http://www.ivw.eu).

(Call the opt-out function)


Using Google Maps

 This website uses Google Maps API to visually display geographic information. When using Google Maps, Google also collects, processes and uses data about the use of map features by visitors. For more information about Google's data processing, please refer to the Google Privacy Notice. There you can also change your personal privacy settings in the privacy center.

 For detailed instructions on how to manage your own data related to Google products, click here.


Embedded YouTube videos

On some of our websites we embed Youtube videos. The corresponding plug-ins are operated by YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. When you visit a page with the YouTube plug-in, it will connect to Youtube's servers. Youtube will be informed which pages you visit. If you are logged into your Youtube account, Youtube can assign your surfing behavior to you personally. This can be prevented by logging out of your Youtube account beforehand.

If a Youtube video is started, the provider uses cookies that collect information about user behavior. 

Anyone who has disabled the storage of cookies for the Google Ad program will not have to expect such cookies when watching YouTube videos. Youtube also stores non-personal usage information in other cookies. If you want to prevent this, you must block the storage of cookies in the browser.

For more information on data protection at "Youtube", see the privacy policy of the provider at: https://www.google.de/intl/en/policies/privacy/


Social plugins

Our websites use social plugins of the providers listed below. The plugins can be recognized by the fact that they are marked with the appropriate logo.

These plug-ins may be used to send information, which may include personal information, to the service provider and may be used by the service provider. We prevent the unconscious and unwanted collection and transmission of data to the service provider through a 2-click solution. To activate a desired social plugin, it must first be activated by clicking on the corresponding button. Only through this activation of the plugin is the detection of information and its transmission to the service provider triggered. We do not collect personally identifiable information by means of social plugins or their use.

We have no control over what data an enabled plugin collects and how it is used by the provider. At present, it must be assumed that a direct connection to the services of the provider will be expanded and at least the IP address and device-related information will be collected and used. It is also possible that the service providers try to save cookies on the computer used. Please refer to the privacy policy of the respective service provider to see which specific data is collected here and how it is used. Note: If you are logged in to Facebook at the same time, Facebook may identify you as a visitor to a particular page.

We have integrated the social media buttons of the following companies on our website:

Facebook Inc. (1601 S. California Ave - Palo Alto - CA 94304 - USA)

Twitter Inc. (795 Folsom St. - Suite 600 - San Francisco - CA 94107 - USA)


Your rights to information, correction, suspension, cancellation and opposition

You have the right to receive information about your personal data stored by us at any time. Likewise, you have the right to correction, blocking or, apart from the prescribed data storage for business transactions, deletion of your personal data. Please contact our data protection officer. The contact details can be found at the bottom.

 For a data lock to be taken into account at all times, these data must be stored in a lock file for control purposes. You can also request the deletion of the data, as long as there is no legal archiving obligation. As far as such an obligation exists, we lock your data on request.

You can make changes or revoke your consent by notifying us with effect for the future.


Change of our privacy policy

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy from time to time so that it always complies with the current legal requirements or to implement any changes to our services in the privacy policy, such as: For example, when introducing new services. Your new visit will be subject to the new privacy policy.


Questions to the data protection officer

 If you have any questions about data protection, please write us an e-mail or contact our data protection officer directly:


Am Redder 2
DE-24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg

Tel: +49 4193 88010-0
Fax: +49 4193 88010-50
Mail: info@philippi.com

We are using a Java-Script Plugin from uptain GmbH (‚uptain-Plugin‘ https://www.uptain.de) for the improvement of the interaction with our visitors. This allows us to analyse your use of the website and improve the customer approach (e.g. via a dialogue window). We collect information about your usage behaviour, including cursor movement, length of stay, clicked links and (if applicable) information provided. The legal basis for the processing is our legitimate interest in direct marketing and providing our website (Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit f GDPR). As a processor uptain GmbH is acting on our behalf and is strictly bound by our instructions. We will not transfer the information to third parties (unless we are obliged by applying law). If and to the extend the information collected by the uptain-Plugin contains personal data this data will be deleted immediately after your visit to our website.

You may deactivate uptain by clicking on the following link: https://www.philippi.com/privacy-policy?__up_tracking_unsubscribe